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Perfect and instant aeration for an exceptional tasting experience

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Aveine aerator

It's not magic,
and it's not a secret

It is through aeration that wine is magnified.
Red or white, young or old, with aeration, the wine exhales all its flavors and reveals all its aromas. However it is often a step that we tend to neglect, either out of haste or because we simply forget. Discover the pleasure of a last-minute tasting and impress your guests...

Product in use

A full flavor for the impatient

Aveine instantly and perfectly aerates all wines. Yes, all wines.
Whatever the occasion, you no longer need an excuse to serve your wines at their finest.

Whatever the moment or the wine, treat yourself to a perfect tasting.

Aveine - The Perfect Glass Of Wine In An Instant



After uncorking the bottle, the aerator is placed on the neck.



With a simple scan of the bottle label, the application searches for the wine to be tasted in the database.



All that's left to do is pour the wine into the glass... and enjoy.

Enjoy an incredible tasting experience

And make a memorable moment out of each of your bottles



Without the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

Aveine aerator


With the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator


They use Aveine

The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator is really interesting! While it tells you the perfect aeration time for your wine, it's also very fun to look for the one that best fits your tastes!


Marion Merker

Château de la Dauphine

Using Aveine is being as close as possible to the product. The goal of a sommelier is to serve the wine in the right conditions and thanks to the Smart Wine Aerator we can satisfy the customers' expectations.


Pierre Gros

Château Pape Clément Bernard Magrez

I was very excited to discover the product because we are very interested in innovation. I was literally amazed when I tested the device, and I instantly imagined how we would use it for the cellar.


Patrice Chesneau

Château de Parnay

technology and design

A device with a
sleek design

Aveine aerator

A CES Innovation Award & an A’Design Award

Underneath the brushed aluminum shell, there is a touchscreen. You can use it to adjust the oxygenation time you wish to recreate. The smartphone connects to the device via Bluetooth. Thanks to its USB dock, the nomad device can easily be charged. You can now enjoy your wines at their best, anywhere and in any situation.

Award CES Award design


Exploded product view

When serving, as the wine passes through the aerator, Aveine adds ambient air, directly to the heart of the flow. The aerator then instantly reproduces the same level of aeration of the wine as if the bottle had been opened 6 hours before.

Aveine aerator


CHF 449

• Aeration from 1h to 24h instantly
• Adapts micro-oxygenation to wine and room temperature
• Neck position sensor to ensure reproducibility

60-day free trial

5 year warranty

Free delivery and return

Secure payment

Perfect and immediate

Only the wine served is aerated,
the rest of the bottle is preserved

You can serve several glasses,
with different aeration levels

Application mobile

The Aveine application, the ideal companion for the aerator

Completely free, the Aveine app communicates with the aerator to calibrate it automatically. Scan the label on the bottle or enter the desired configuration yourself. The application also provides useful information for a perfect tasting experience: aeration time (open bottle), food and wine pairings, and ideal temperature.

The application is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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